Head of Campus Virtual

Dr Don Olcott

Welcome to the Virtual Campus.  I would like to pay my respects to the Indigenous peoples of all the lands on which our students work and study, and to their Elders Past and Present.

Charles Sturt University is the largest online and distance education University in Australia.  Established as a University in 1989, it has a history of engagement with distance based education dating back 40 years.  We now have over 22,000 students studying online and by distance around Australia and the world, and offer more courses in online mode than any other University in Australia.

This has enabled Charles Sturt University to become a leader in innovation and design of programs for online delivery in a much broader range of fields than other universities.

My Office is responsible for a range of functions, including:

  • student engagement and virtual campus planning;
  • student welfare and discipline;
  • participating in the management of critical incidents and campus environment;
  • campus events.

Heads of Campus are members of the Vice-Chancellor's Forum, and provide a conduit between the University's regions, industry, employers and community to ensure the views of our key stakeholders are incorporated into University strategic planning.

The University Strategy 2013-15 sets out the University's goals and ambitions for its regions and our campus community.  You can learn more about the impact of the University on its regions, and the development of its communities, by reading the University's Regional Development Report.

Stakeholder Consultation

The University is committed to hearing your views and welcomes your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about things we should be considering to help to develop the virtual campus.  While we cannot always do everything our stakeholders want, we are always happy to receive your ideas and act on those areas where CSU can make a difference.  You can send your suggestions directly to my office at hocvirtual@csu.edu.au.

Dr. Don Olcott
Head of Campus, Virtual