The Orana Western Regional Consultative Committee

The Orana Western RCC is comprised of members of the regional community from public and private sector organisations. It also includes a member of the University Council. The committee meets at least three times a year to discuss CSU's role in, and contribution to, the region.

Presiding Officer: Dr Beverley Moriarty
Contact: (02) 6885 7338 or

The Dubbo Campus Environmental Advisory Management Committee

The EAMC is made up of CSU staff and students working towards an environmentally sustainable operation. The Committee is to help and develop appropriate environmental targets and initiatives given the serious nature of environmental problems. The input of staff and students who have on-ground knowledge and expertise to draw on is seen as essential because it will be staff and students who will have to help CSU realize its strategies.

Please feel free to contact the Presiding Officer with any ideas, suggestions or comments you might have. Click here to find more information about the Committee.

Presiding Officer: Ms Heather Bell
Contact: (02) 6885 7302 or
Student Representative: t.b.a.

Dubbo Campus Critical Incident Response Group

Each campus has a Critical Incident Response Group which is responsible for formulating and implementing specific emergency and critical incident management plans that will provide for a coordinated response to emergencies and critical incidents that occur on and off campus.

Chairperson: Ms Heather Bell
Contact: (02) 6885 7302 or