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Public Lecture

Wednesday 15th September 2010, 6.00pm
Lecture Theatre, Room 422
Limited numbers, so book early.

Flier: Television and Us: 350 Reasons to Care

Bruce Fell
Television and Us: 350 Reasons to Care

The public lecturer will discuss the substantial influence domestic electronic media has in forming community attitudes concerning climate change.

Communication lecturer Bruce Fell will discuss his ongoing research into the critical role television and the internet has in helping to address our current ecological crisis. The presentation will draw on Dr Fell's interviews with television executives, producers, directors and presenters, as well as his research into television and internet usage across five hundred homes ranging from Canberra to Dubbo, Newcastle through Sydney to the South Coast and from Lithgow to Wagga Wagga.

Dr Fell's current research commenced in early 2007, prior to the Facebook phenomenon. It has observed the rapid uptake of social media from mid-2007 through to the present. The presentation will discuss how domestic electronic media can have a positive influence in our personal and community attitudes towards local, national and global climate change. Dr Fell's previous research tracked how early film presented nature, and how Australian television, from 1956, continued a similar tradition.