New Ways of Learning

New technology

As one of the largest distance education providers in Australia, CSU utilises the latest technology in course delivery to offer online education to students in isolated regions of the country and around the world. With all 4,000 subjects supported through the internet, student have access to resources and communication forums that enhance their learning experiences and facilitate greater communication between students and lecturers.

Online delivery of education is particularly relevant to CSU. Dubbo students receive technical and academic support from on campus teaching staff to assist as they develop their own learning strategies and processes. Dubbo Students' Forum, an online facility accessible by all Dubbo students, encourages unity among students cross-faculty and allows greater communication between staff and students. Students also receive support from specialist staff on other campuses through the use of interactive video technology.

Interactive technology

The Dubbo Campus removes learning from the confines of the traditional classroom and fosters an educational environment supported by new learning and communication technologies. Interactive video teaching (IVT), a new and creative way of delivering education to dispersed groups of adult learners, has been established as an integral part of teaching and learning at the Dubbo Campus.

Interactive video teaching utilises live two-way video and audio telecommunication connections between two (or more) distant sites. Both the teaching site and student learning site are equipped with microphones and cameras to provide audio and video interactivity. This real-time teaching and learning is facilitated by transmitting the session across the high-speed data links that connects all CSU campuses.

Fully interactive video teaching allows student participation during an instructional session just as in any other learning situation. The application of new learning technologies in Dubbo also provides an exciting opportunity for students to develop technical skills that will give them an edge in future employment.