Critical Incident Response Group

Each campus of Charles Sturt University has a Critical Incident Response Group, whose role is to help staff and students respond appropriately to incidents that are likely to cause trauma to individuals and/or affect the campus as a whole. The Group plays a vital role in the effective management of any emergencies and critical incidents on campus.

The Campus Environment Committee

The Campus Environment Committee adopts a collaborative approach to achieving environmental sustainability by working with University staff and students to: Help develop appropriate environmental targets and initiatives that move the University toward a sustainable mode of operation in all areas in the long-term; Help develop appropriate strategies to meet these targets; Help implement these strategies; Contribute to reflection and learning on progressive achievements of the goals.

The FalconCam Project

During 2007, a pair of peregrine falcons was often seen roosting or diving at amazing speeds from the tall water tower in the grounds of the Orange Campus. There are not many peregrines in the local area because of a lack of suitable cliffs for nesting, so it was decided to place a nest box in the tower as a trial. After a year, the female laid two large eggs. A webcam was hastily installed so progress could be monitored. Within a month, one of these hatched and out popped a tiny fluffy ball of peregrine. The second egg did not hatch, so the sole survivor was spoilt with both parents fetching food at all hours. After 45 days, the young female took its first flight. During 2009, all three birds continued using the box. And the female again laid eggs. This time there were three hatchlings in spring. The birds are still being monitored for research purposes. Click here to view the Falcon Cams

This project is supported by the Head of Campus and Campus Environment Committee.