Port Macquarie Head of Campus

Port Macquarie Head of Campus

Heather CavanaghWelcome to the Port Macquarie Campus.  I would like to pay my respects to the Biripi people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which our campus is located, and to the Elders both Past and Present.

Charles Sturt University is the largest University in regional Australia, and the largest single provider of online and distance education. We have campuses spread right across rural and regional NSW and Victoria, delivering high quality education and research to expand opportunities for people in our communities and to support the social, economic and cultural development of our regions.

Port Macquarie is a rapidly growing coastal city on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales. It is an important hub for business and services for its region and for an economy based on primary industries, tourism, and specialised manufacturing. The Mid-North Coast boasts a thriving regional arts community.

CSU established its Port Macquarie Campus in 2012. This followed a Commonwealth government funded inquiry into the higher education needs of the Mid-North Coast region.  In response to the findings of the inquiry CSU undertook to develop a full service campus for the region from which a broad range of courses and research would be offered.  Since then the University has grown rapidly at Port Macquarie.  In 2015 CSU will offer fourteen undergraduate programs at the Port Macquarie Campus.  This number will grow to more than twenty by 2020. 

The University moved to its fully operational in April 2016.  The campus will supports the teaching of CSU courses but will also have research facilities, including a Food, Soil and Water Laboratory. CSU expects to cater for over 4000 students at the Port Macquarie campus by 2025. 

CSU has also begun the process of developing student accommodation at Port Macquarie and plans to provide eventually around 900 beds.

My Office is responsible for a range of functions, including:

  • regional engagement and campus planning;
  • student welfare and discipline;
  • participating in the management of critical incidents and campus environment;
  • campus events, including public lectures and seminars.

Heads of Campus are members of the Vice-Chancellor's Forum, and provide a conduit between the University's regions, industry, employers and community to ensure the views of our key stakeholders are incorporated into University strategic planning.

The University Strategy 2013-15 sets out the University's goals and ambitions for its regions and our campus community.  You can learn more about the impact of the University on its regions, and the development of its communities, by reading the University's Regional Development Report.

Regional Consultation and Engagement

The University is committed to community and regional engagement and welcomes your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about things we should be considering to help to develop our regions.  While we cannot always do everything our communities want, we are always happy to receive your ideas and act on those areas where CSU can make a difference.  You can send your suggestions directly to my office, or talk to one of the members of the Regional Consultative Committee for our campus.

At Port Macquarie CSU consults with the Mid-North Coast community in many ways.  The Regional Consultative Committee includes community, business and professional leaders and provides advice on strategic directions and needs.  The University engages with the community through a variety of forums and advisory arrangements including the Principal's Forum (which includes the principals of our region's schools); the Primary Industries Strategic Advisory Committee; regular meetings with professionals from health, community services and aged care; meetings with local Councils; and  consultation with the Biripi Elders and the local Aboriginal Education Coordinating Group.

CSU also engages with its community through a community grants program which provides support, sponsorships and to schools, community organisations and sporting clubs.  An annual program of public lectures contributes to discussion of important issues within the community and provides access to the work of CSU staff.  Seminars on professional and specialist topics are also provided.


Charles Sturt University
7 Major Innes Road
Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Tel: 02 6582 9334
Email: hocportmacquarie@csu.edu.au

Heather Cavanagh
Head of Campus, Port Macquarie

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