CASIMS - Course Document Request Form


This form is used when you wish to have a course document set up in CASIMS. Information you provide here will be used by the Office of Academic Governance to determine which is the most appropriate type of document in CASIMS for your purposes, and who will need to approve it.

It is extremely important that you be clear at this point what you want to achieve for your course with the CASIMS document – changes to this after the document has been set up can be difficult to accommodate. If you have any questions before requesting your document, please contact

Staff Details
Course(s) that the document is for

Please click any of the boxes below that apply to what you want to do in your course document. You may click multiple boxes if necessary.

  • Course review
  • Adding course(s) to articulated set
  • Removing course(s) from articulated set
  • Changing name(s) of course
  • Changing the duration or point value
  • Creation or removal of an exit point course
  • Changing or adding a location
  • Changing or adding a funding source
  • Changing or adding a mode
  • Changing Faculty ownership
  • Addition of major or minor
  • Phase out of a minor
  • Phase out of a course, specialisation or major
  • Addition or phase out of a joint study
  • Addition of a specialisation
  • Addition of partner program
  • Change of course calendar
  • Change of course structure
Summary of Proposed Course Document

Please describe in as much detail as possible what it is you want to do with your CASIMS course document. For any subjects in the course impacted by your document, names and codes don’t need to be included, but rather general statements like “we plan to introduce new subjects, and revise the existing ones in the course.

Key Subject Changes

Are you adding to or changing key subjects in this course?

  • Yes
  • No