Outside Professional Activity Policy

The University has a policy on the undertaking of outside professional activities (OPA) for staff. These activities could be on behalf of the University, or could be of a private nature. Staff should consult the full policy from the CSU Policy Library for detailed information on OPA, and should also note that OPA for research has specific requirements, to be found at the Research Office website.

Academic Governance's role in relation to OPA is to record each non-research OPA activity in a formal register. This includes maintaining a copy of all documentation relating to the approval of the OPA. Staff will forward this documentation to the Office of Academic Governance as part of the workflow for OPA approval.

A flow-chart showing how the process operates can be found here

About the Policy

The policy specifies which staff it is applicable to, including categories such as adjunct staff and staff on leave. The policy also describes:

its relationship with the professional activity work function policy

The form for approval of OPA can be found here. Note again that for research OPA (defined in the policy), staff should contact the CSU Research Office. Enquiries about the policy or processes can be directed to the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs - Governance Services at