How to contribute an agenda item

How can I put an item on the agenda of the Academic Senate?

There are various ways of putting items on the Senate agenda. Probably the best way is first to discuss your issue with colleagues (including your Senate representative and, if needed, the Manager, Academic Senate) and then write a brief paper. There is a template to help you construct your paper on the Academic Senate website. Your paper should, first, explain what your issue is (one or two sentences), then give some background to the issue (a few paragraphs), then raise discussion points (one or two paragraphs) and, finally, make recommendations for policy, if appropriate (as dot points). Once written the paper is probably best 'escalated' through Senate's committee structure (e.g. from School Board to Faculty Board on to the Academic Senate). This will ensure that the issue you are concerned about is fully debated in a collegial way. Alternatively, if it is urgent for example, the issue could be tabled directly at Academic Senate.

The Manager, Academic Senate will receive items for the agenda up to 14 days prior to the next meeting. The agenda is then published on Yammer for members and on the Academic Senate website.

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