Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom - Free Intellectual Inquiry


The object of Charles Sturt University is the “promotion, within the limits of the University’s resources, of scholarship, research, free inquiry, the interaction of research and teaching, and academic excellence” (section 7 (1) of the Charles Sturt University Act 1989).


Charles Sturt University believes that free intellectual inquiry is essential for the promotion and advancement of the intellectual, moral and material condition of society.


Charles Sturt University affirms its institutional commitment to:


(a)        uphold free intellectual inquiry, that is, the right and responsibility of each of its staff and students to pursue knowledge and inquiry, wherever the pursuit might lead, in accordance with the highest scholarly standards; and


(b)        the responsible transmission and/or communication of the knowledge so gained, openly within the academy and into the community at large, in conformity with the law and the CSU Act, By-laws, Rules and other policies and obligations of the University.


Consistent with its obligations under law and within the limits of its resources, Charles Sturt University undertakes to promote and support:


(a)        the free pursuit of knowledge through learning, teaching and research;

(b)        the responsible dissemination and communication of the outcomes of research as publications and creative works, and in media discourse; and

(c)        responsible, principled and informed discussion of all aspects of knowledge and culture in learning, teaching and research;


in accordance with the highest scholarly, ethical, professional and legal standards.



(Approved by University Council 15 December 2011).