Review Process

As part of its commitment to good governance and using the principles established under the Continuous Improvement Cycle of PIRI (Planning, Implement, Review, Improve), the Academic Senate conducts a biennial self-assessment of its processes and practices. In 2015, this as extended to Faculty Boards and Faculty Courses Committees, and in 2017 to all committees of Senate.

The Audit Committee of Academic Senate conducts a formal review every five years. Whilst there are many reasons for such a review, the main purpose is to ensure that the Senate is providing high quality academic leadership to CSU. The first of the formal reviews occurred in 2007; it was conducted by the whole of Academic Senate and was summarised in a paper presented to and approved by Academic Senate at its December 2007 meeting. This paper, "Role and Functions of Academic Senate in a Changing Environment" identified a number of specific actions and a timeline for their implementation.

The second review of Academic Senate conducted by the Audit Committee commenced its review in 2012. The final report of the Audit Committee was considered by Academic Senate and University Council in late 2013. The next formal external review of Academic Senate is scheduled to be commenced in 2017 and conducted and reported in 2018.