Course Directors/Course Coordinators

This website has been established for Course Directors/Course Coordinators to assist them with their day-to-day responsibilities for student academic matters and in the CSU Course Design and Approval process as it relates to their course/s.

Course Directors/Course Coordinators are appointed by the Dean of Faculty and are accountable to the Dean (or a Sub-Dean) for the design and approval of their allocated courses and student academic administrative matters relating to admission, credit, enrolment, assessment, exclusion, graduation and higher degrees.

Course Directors/Course Coordinators, like all other staff of the University, are required to act in accordance with the University's Code of Conduct for staff, the Student Charter and University Governance Charter and legislation that specifies the University's obligations to its students and other clients.

Information in this site has been linked to University publications, such as the University Policy Library, which contain the all Policies of the University and policies and procedures affecting the academic programs of the University.

Sue McGrath, Administrative Assistant, maintains this website, if you are unable to access or have trouble opening these documents, please contact Sue on 84185 or or to request a copy.

Contents of the Website

Listed below is the heading of each section contained in this website. The headings have been linked to the relevant section. You should click on the heading of your choice to access the section:

Student academic matters or Course implementation

Course design and approval

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