The assessment policies, which apply to all coursework subjects, contain information about the process for ascribing value to any work that a student undertakes during their course of studies at the University. The policies contain information about the content of subject outlines,the grading scales of the University, procedures for delayed or incomplete assessment, additional assessment, the review of grades, progression and academic performance, information about attendance at residential schools, assignment receipt and return and examinations.

The academic policies for Assessment and a list which summarises University officers' responsibilities in relation to these regulations are located at:

The Academic Senate has approved the establishment of guidelines for reviewing grades in subjects and marks or grades for assignments as a way of assisting staff to decide applications that students may submit in accordance with the academic regulations. The guidelines are located at:

Information about the grading scale of the University are contained in the assessment regulations and the key to grades, which summarises the grades of the University and former institutions of the University.

Faculties are permitted to develop specific Faculty policy in relation to academic regulations as long as it is consistent with the academic regulations. Links to Faculty policies, which are published and monitored by the relevant Faculties, are currently being established. Please contact the Faculty if you require information on these policies, or email

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