Image of a student with microphones on and studying in a class room

Pre Entry Programs

CSU is committed to widening participation and building the aspirations of young people who may not have considered university study as an option. Aspiration programs and partnerships are particularly focused towards providing information and support for students and families from low socio economic (LSES) backgrounds.

The broader aim of the Pre Entry Programs is to achieve the COAG target of increasing to 20 per cent, the percentage of students from low SES backgrounds enrolled in an undergraduate degree by 2020. Traditionally many students have not had the opportunity, confidence or support to consider a university education. This can be due to a traditional and narrow view of universities which is supported by myths and misunderstandings that surround higher education by those who have not had experiences within it.

Pre Entry programs aimed at addressing aspiration and awareness of higher education have developed over the last year at the Bathurst, Wagga Wagga and Port Macquarie campuses.

Future Moves

Future Moves works with school children ages 5 to 18 years and focuses on lifting aspiration and raising awareness of university options and pathways in the western region and Port Macquarie/Hastins regions.


PICSE (Primary Industry Centre for Science Education) is focused on encouraging aspiration for university study within the agricultural sciences and is based at the Wagga Wagga campus working with schools in the Riverina.

CSU has established a CSU Partnerships Advisory Board with representatives from each school region in the CSU footprint to provide guidance in this area.

Aspiration programs are funded by Part B (Partnerships Component) of Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) funding, aimed at increasing participation and success of students from LSES backgrounds in higher education.