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Website Editors Checklist

Key points to consider when creating a web page or updating your content. Follow the links for more information on each topic.

  • Page Title and URL - Are they meaningful and unique?
  • Semantic Structure - Is your page structured with headings and lists?
  • Images - Have you provided non-text alternatives?
  • Tables - Are your tables for table content only and not layout?
  • Links - Are your links useful and descriptive and opening in the same window?
  • Sensory Characteristics - Have you used sensory characteristics such as direction or shape?
  • Colour - have you relied on colour to distinguish content?
  • Jargon, Foreign Words and an Acronyms - Have you used an unusual words or acronyms that need definition?
  • PDF - Do you really need a PDF file and is it accessible?
  • Video & Audio - Have you included captions and transcripts?

Key Tools for Editors