How to correctly verify documents

Official documentation included with your application may need to be verified as a true and accurate copy. Please refer to the following information to see if your documents need to be verified.

Do not send originals as CSU does not return documents. Documents not correctly verified will result in delays in the processing of your application and its consideration for admission.

There have been important changes to the requirements to have your supporting documents verified.

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the Australian documents supporting your application eg transcript of previous studies, no longer need to be verified as a true copy. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident with overseas qualifications, you must submit verified copies only of your official overseas documents.

If you are an International applicant or applying for the Bachelor of Teaching ( Primary) or Bachelor of Teaching ( Secondary) courses, you must submit verified copies of your official documentation.

Who can verify copies for you?

For Australian documents/ qualifications only:

  • The official records department of the institution that originally issued the document/s.
  • Anyone currently employed as a professional person.
  • A bank manager or a credit union branch manager; accountant (must be a member of a professional organisation); barrister, solicitor or patent attorney; police officer of the rank of sergeant and above; postal manager; principal of an Australian secondary college, high school, primary school or TAFE college.
  • A Justice of the Peace with a registration number.

For International documents/qualification:

  • Your employed agent submitting your application and documents on your behalf. CSU have a selection of CSU registered agents you can employ :
  • Australian Embassy official
  • High Commission or Trade Mission official
  • Public Notary
  • Australian Justice of the Peace with a registration number


How should the authorised officer verify each document?

They must write 'This is a true copy of the original document sighted by me'.
Then sign, and print the following details: name, address, business hours telephone number, profession or occupation or organisation and the date verified. They must include the official stamp or seal of the verifier's organisation on the copy if the organisation has such a stamp.

In addition to the above, a Justice of the Peace must also print their registration number and the state in which they are registered as a Justice of the Peace.

Documents not verified or not verified correctly

For international applicants and applicants to the  Bachelor of Teaching ( Primary) or Bachelor of Teaching ( Secondary) courses.

CSU is not permitted to process:

  • Documents that have been verified by an immediate relative or a person residing at the same address as applicant.
  • Documents that are just photocopies, that is, not verified.
  • Documents that have not been correctly verified.
  • Documents verified by a Justice of the Peace without a registration number
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