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Agricultural and Wine Sciences

Agricultural and Wine Sciences

CSU’s proud history of education in the Agricultural and Wine Sciences supports your passion to learn and innovate in this constantly evolving field. Our courses allow you to follow your strengths and develop expertise in an area relevant to your career goals, such as agriculture, agribusiness, horticulture, farm management, viticulture and wine science.

Depending on your course, you will have access to campus farms and an on campus experimental winery, will undertake industry visits, and be taught by experienced staff and guest lecturers, ensuring you graduate with the practical skills and experience necessary to forge a career in these industries.

CSU graduates have the qualities to meet new challenges, and can make a difference in the industry across the world through their expertise in new forms of agriculture.

Career opportunities

Today there is an exciting range of professional careers within the food, wine and fibres industries. Whether you are interested in feeding the world, adapting to climate change, developing the environment or managing future energy sources, CSU will help you pursue your passions.

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture is a vital sector of the jobs market, and almost anything is possible for a driven and committed graduate in this field.

    CSU’s campuses are ideally located in regional NSW, making us the obvious choice for anyone considering a career in Agriculture. You will learn about the changing agricultural industry, enabling you to develop new production methods and agricultural practices from a scientific and practical perspective. As a CSU student, you will learn in an agricultural setting, visit farms or agricultural businesses, and hear from guest lecturers in your field of study, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when you enter the workforce.

    The University has strong links to industry, providing opportunities to form relationships and networks within the agricultural field before you graduate. The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, a research centre combining the skills of staff from the Department of Primary Industries and CSU academics, is located within the Wagga Wagga Campus, offering the perfect environment for research. Following decades of investigation into agriculture and related fields, CSU is now recognised as an international leader for research in agricultural science.

    Career opportunities include:

    • agricultural marketing or research
    • agronomy
    • consultancy
    • farm management
    • Landcare coordinator or irrigation specialist
    • livestock or animal production
    • rural journalism
    • with further study, agriculture teaching

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  • Agribusiness

    Agribusiness is a combination of business and agriculture or wine science knowledge that will provide you with career opportunities ranging from within the farm gate through to export and marketing of agriproducts. You could also work in the industries that service agriculture, as well as managing or marketing wineries and wine products.

    Our degrees in agricultural or wine business combine an understanding of the concepts and practices within the industry with study in accounting, management or marketing. You will graduate equipped with skills that may include accounting, marketing, finance, people management, international business, agricultural enterprise management and sustainable resource management.

    Career opportunities include:

    • agribusiness management
    • agricultural marketing or sales
    • business consulting
    • commodity trading
    • exporting
    • financial planning for this sector
    • mainstream business roles
    • professional farm management

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  • Sustainable Agriculture

    If you’re curious about how agriculture affects the natural environment and how this impacts on and is impacted by our modern lifestyle, investigate CSU’s courses in ecological agriculture.

    Study in areas like ecological agricultural systems - such as holistic grazing, natural sequence farming, pasture cropping, biodynamics, permaculture, composting and keyline farming - sustainable agriculture or water management equips you with an understanding of the ecological, social and business elements relating to agricultural practices, and prepares you for a wide range of careers.

    Satisfy your curiosity about agriculture, develop strategies to balance agricultural and environmental needs, or expand our body of knowledge through research in ecological agriculture.

    Career opportunities include:

    • consultancy
    • ecological agriculture
    • management
    • policy making/advisory roles
    • organics industry
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  • Viticulture and Wine Science

    Grow your passion in viticulture and wine science with CSU. Our courses can prepare you for career opportunities in all facets of the wine industry, from grape growing and wine making to management and marketing of wine businesses or research into grape or wine production methods.

    Scientific study is complemented by practical education in industry settings. You will have access to CSU’s on campus experimental winery as well as industry placements to give you a real understanding of what you are learning. A degree in viticulture and wine science, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, is an ideal way to turn your passion for wine into a career.

    Career opportunities include:

    • cellar door manager
    • consultant
    • grape/fruit grower
    • grower liaison officer
    • marketing
    • researcher / developer of wine
    • small winery business owner
    • sommelier
    • vineyard manager
    • wine distributor

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  • Research

    A vigorous research profile within CSU’s School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences benefits the industries and regions it serves. Academic staff conduct research in their fields of expertise, with funding from various sources, including the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Environmental Protection Agency, New South Wales Department of Agriculture, New South Wales Wine Industry Association and the Australian Research Council. Postgraduate students enrolled in research degrees (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Masters and Honours programs) work closely with academic staff on their research projects.

    The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, on CSU’s Wagga Wagga Campus, includes a field site with a range of research trials and demonstrations spreading across 15 hectares. Research areas include conservation cropping, ruminant feedbase, bio-protection and integrated pest management of crops and pastures, animal health and welfare, and irrigated cropping systems. Current research projects at the Graham Centre have a total value of about $48 million.

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CSU’s School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences is located in the heart of agriculture in some of the most productive regions of south-eastern Australia. As well as the rich resources in the region, our students have access to some of Australia’s best agricultural teaching and research facilities for practical experience, including:

  • extensive and diverse farming facilities on a university farm, incorporating precision agriculture technologies
  • access to the university sheep and cattle herds and animal handling facilities
  • the most sophisticated underground root growth laboratory (rhizolysimeter) in the southern hemisphere
  • access to a range of mixed farms and agricultural research institutions
  • five state-of-the-art laboratories and modern glasshouse facilities
  • extensive computer facilities
  • working models of a full range of irrigation systems for teaching and research (linear move, overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, furrows, beds, flood and paddy)
  • strong links with the  Department of Primary Industries’ Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute located on campus
  • an extensive and well equipped experimental winery
  • tasting rooms for state-of-the-art wine sensory assessment

In 2012 CSU opened its $48.6 million National Life Sciences Hub (NaLSH).This facility includes three flexible learning and teaching areas, which each hold up to 50 students; four large research laboratory spaces including quarantine-approved research areas; a phytotron building housing controlled environment and growth chambers; three glasshouses; research and teaching support areas such as offices, plant rooms and bike storage; and a rhizolysimeter – an underground field laboratory.

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"I chose CSU because it is renowned in industry as without a doubt the best wine science / viticulture / wine marketing degree in Australia, with an excellent record of distance education capabilities." Ryan Aggiss


“CSU really puts knowledge into practice with many different resources, including a University farm right at your doorstep on Wagga Wagga Campus." Melanie Bower

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  • Testimonial | Ryan Aggiss - Wine Science graduate

    Ryan Aggiss

    Ryan Aggiss

    • "I chose CSU because it is renowned in industry as without a doubt the best wine science / viticulture / wine marketing degree in Australia, with an excellent record of distance education capabilities."
  • Testimonial | Giles Ditchfield - Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management

    Giles Ditchfield

    Giles Ditchfield

    • "The best part of my course was travelling to America for industry experience where I undertook an assessment on the cropping strategies in America and how they could be applied here in Australia."
  • Testimonial | Simon Crump - CSU graduate

    Simon Crump

    Simon Crump

    • "The degree is hands-on and challenging but rewarding and gives you a great grounding to enter the agricultural industry."