Undergraduate fee paying places

In line with Australian Governments commitment to phase out domestic full fee paying undergraduate places in public universities, all undergraduate courses at CSU offer Commonwealth Supported Places. There will be no undergraduate fee paying places on offer for courses studied on campus in 2014. More about the higher education reforms

Tuition fees - per 8 point subject

Courses by Faculty Students who commenced pre 2013 Students who commenced in 2013 2014 Commencing
Arts $1,540 $1,680 $1,800
Business - Bachelor of Information Technology $1,540 $1,540 $2,550
Business - all other UG Business $1,540 $1,540 $2,430
Bachelor of Hotel Management - Study through Holmesglen TAFE and North Sydney Institute $1,686 $1,776 $2,000
Education $1,540 $1,994 $2,000
Science $1,540 $2,100 $2,400
Science - Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy/Hygiene) Study through Holmesglen TAFE - Melbourne $3,500 $3,500 $3,500
  • The published fees are for 2014 only. Fees are reviewed annually and may change throughout the duration of your course of study.
  • Students who fail a subject and have to repeat it are required to pay for the subject again
  • Excludes Employer Reserved arrangements
  • Tuition fees for students in the Associate Degree in Policing Practice are available here
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