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Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health

Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health

Nursing offers opportunities for you to work with people of all ages, from a range of backgrounds, in areas such as preventative primary health, acute or chronic conditions. No two days as a nurse are the same due to the variety and flexibility available to you in this career path. Postgraduate nursing studies may enable you to specialise further in your career, develop management skills, or move into roles such as education or midwifery, or conduct research in specific areas of interest to benefit your profession.

CSU graduates are keenly sought for new graduate programs in both the private and public health sector. Most students secure a graduate nurse position by the December of their final year. Graduates have the opportunity to work anywhere in Australia, and also have sought overseas registration and are now working and travelling all over the world.

  • Clinical education

    Nursing and health care are rapidly changing fields, with new medications, technologies and practices always being developed. As a result, professional development is an important part of this field, and opportunities are growing for qualified nursing educators.

    You may be involved in supervising and mentoring younger or less experienced nurses, such as new graduates, or work your way up to senior management positions. With a qualification in nursing education, you will be equipped to run professional development classes for other nurses or health practitioners, or may run seminars and information sessions for patients or community groups. Health promotion roles may also appeal to you. Clinical educators have the opportunity to improve workplace practices or provide preventative education to communities.

    Postgraduate study and research could also lead to an academic career, enabling you to research new ways to treat patients or complete workplace tasks, and implementing them in real hospitals and health settings to improve the overall practices of your industry.

    Career opportunities

    Clinical educators may work in rural, regional or metropolitan centres with people of all ages. You could find work in: 

    • hospitals
    • aged care services
    • community health centres
    • schools
    • women’s health clinics

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  • Mental health

    Mental health is a growing and diverse health care discipline. CSU offers programs to equip you with the skills and understanding of a range of factors that contribute to mental health problems and be able to offer care and support to people with these issues. As a mental health professional, you will play a major role in people’s lives. You will be able to understand and appreciate your clients' and their families’ emotional, social and mental health issues.

    You may be involved in roles such as counselling, or work with communities to raise awareness of mental health or social issues. You may work with people of all ages, and with clients who have faced traumatic experiences or addictive behaviours.

    CSU’s programs can equip you to provide mental health services specifically for Indigenous communities, with an understanding of their particular needs and challenges. You may also develop the skills to provide nursing care to people with mental health problems.

    Career opportunities

    Mental health workers can be found in a variety of settings within rural, regional and metropolitan areas. You may work with Indigenous communities or refugee populations, or in hospitals, private clinics, remote areas, industrial sites, schools and the Australian Defence Forces. You may also pursue opportunities such as management, research, remote retrieval services, government, health promotion and education.

    Professional recognition

    The Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) was designed in collaboration with a community-based Aboriginal Health Steering Committee and local health service to meet specific needs of Indigenous communities.

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  • Midwifery

    A career in midwifery allows you to work with women during some of the most joyful and exciting times of their lives. At CSU, Midwifery programs are offered at the postgraduate level, to provide registered nurses with the opportunity to complete their midwifery education while working in practicing midwifery wards, or registered midwives to upgrade their skills and learn more about best-practice models. Our courses were developed in response to shortages of qualified midwives, particularly in rural and regional areas, so employment prospects in these locations are excellent.

    As a midwife, you will provide women with care and advice throughout their pregnancy, labour and childbirth, as well as offering postnatal care for women and their babies. You may work in hospitals, carry out home visits, or work in community, clinic or health units. You will be able to recognise abnormal or potentially abnormal pregnancies and refer women to an obstetrician where necessary, and provide health education in areas like reproductive health, antenatal education, preparation for parenthood and breastfeeding. Advice on nutrition, child care and family planning may also form part of your role.

    Postgraduate studies and research in Midwifery can fast-track your career to take on more senior roles within the sector or help improve midwifery practice in your workplace. CSU graduates have the confidence and knowledge to achieve higher level management positions, within midwifery and in related health professions.

    Professional recognition

    CSU’s Midwifery graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Nursing and Midwifery Board.

    Career opportunities

    Increasing the workforce of qualified midwives can enable maternity units in rural or regional areas to remain open, or reopen units that have closed due to a lack of trained staff.

    You could also work as a midwife in:

    • metropolitan hospitals
    • private practice
    • fertility clinics
    • women’s health centres
    • prisons
    • Australian Defence Forces
    • refugee centres

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  • Nursing

    Nursing is an exciting and rewarding career that gives you the chance to help people every day. Whether you want to become a registered nurse or update your qualifications while working in the health sector, CSU can offer a recognised course to meet your needs. 

    Registered Nurses are involved in the assessment, treatment and care of patients in consultation with other health care professionals. You will monitor patient responses to treatment, administer medications, and provide advice to patients. Your role may also include planning and carrying out health promotion activities and health education, and supervising enrolled nurses or other health care workers.

    CSU’s Nursing graduates are recognised as some of the best in Australia, and have excellent employment records with superior working conditions and pay rates. Strong growth in employment opportunities is predicted in the next five years, providing good job prospects for nursing graduates.

    Further study in Nursing at postgraduate level can provide professional development opportunities to inform your practice or help you gain promotions or move into different roles in your career.

    Professional recognition

    CSU’s Nursing degrees are accredited with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

    Career opportunities

    As a nurse, you may work in hospitals, community health centres, medical practices, aged care services, schools, disability organisations or mental health services.

    Specialist nursing fields may include:

    • aged care
    • child and family health
    • community health
    • critical care and emergency
    • developmental disability
    • disability and rehabilitation
    • medical
    • medical practice
    • mental health
    • perioperative
    • surgical

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  • Research

    If you want to reach the pinnacle of your career or investigate ways to make a real difference to the nursing profession and patient care, CSU’s higher degrees by research can equip you with the skills and experience you need. You can explore an issue specific to your field of work, complete original, independent research, and develop new solutions to existing problems or situations.

    Previous and existing research projects have covered topics like developing a professional identity as a nurse, how nurses balance the demands of shiftwork and raising a family, midwifery practices internationally, and issues surrounding access to aged care.

    You will first develop the analytical skills you need to undertake independent research, before developing and undertaking a significant research project that can have a real impact on your profession. This research could be used to inform your practice, improve processes in your industry, or form a pathway for you to pursue an academic career.

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CSU’s Nursing degrees are designed to ensure you graduate with confidence in your skills and ready to step straight into nursing practice. You will complete a significant level of practical work using realistic simulated settings to help you develop the clinical techniques and patient care needed to succeed in your field.

Facilities on campus include simulated environments prepared with all the equipment you would find in any work situation. In these simulated environments you will develop skills in handling equipment, completing observations and undertaking the tasks expected in any professional setting. You will become familiar with the way health care facilities function and the typical equipment you would find in the workplace. When you attend your workplace learning experiences, you will know what to expect and can fulfil your role with confidence.

Workplace learning opportunities throughout your degree will expose you to different work environments and settings so you can gain an appreciation of the diversity of the nursing profession.

“The professional relationships I have made during the Midwifery program have been rewarding and a valuable education. From every woman I have learnt something. What I have found most inspiring has been the incredible generosity of women in sharing their pregnancy and birth experience. Women’s strength is remarkable and a continual motivation. As I approach the end of my Midwifery year, I feel I have at last reached the pinnacle of my career.”Jenny Lees

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"The excellent availability of resources allows us to provide a holistic, women-centred care. I also like the multiculturalism, both among staff members and pregnant women." Yordanka Berg Blanc

"The course has laid down the foundations for my future midwifery practice. The knowledge I have gained from the course has been invaluable and the assessment tasks consolidated my midwifery knowledge." Andrea Peacey

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