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Are you fascinated by human behaviour or interested in the way the mind works? Careers in psychology can open doors to diverse careers. Psychologists are employed across several industries including health care and social assistance, education and training, public administration and safety, and administrative and support services.

CSU prepares students for careers as psychologists in a range of fields. As a psychologist, you will be open to career opportunities where you could become a counsellor, research assistant, human resource consultant, market researcher, health and social welfare worker, or a professional psychologist. Students can tailor their education and degree to focus on areas that appeal to their interests.

Postgraduate study will complement your professional and career development, with many careers enhanced by a greater knowledge of psychological principles. Research and data analysis skills are highly valued in the workplace. If you are interested in pursuing or further developing a career that requires interaction with people, you will also benefit from further study of psychology.

Our psychology students have access to CSU's Test Library at Bathurst Campus where they can access psychology tests, equipment and other reference material, books, journals, videos, DVDs and education and testing materials.

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Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychology is the single largest employment area within psychology, with many employment opportunities available for qualified professionals. Clinical Psychologists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of serious psychological and general health problems. Clinical psychologists treat some of the most severe psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. In addition to working with clients, clinical psychologists have to keep detailed records of client assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic goals and treatment notes.

Career opportunities

Clinical psychologists often work in public or private hospitals, mental health clinics, private practice or academic settings. Clinicians are trained in a range of techniques and theoretical approaches. Some specialise in treating certain psychological disorders. Specialty areas within clinical psychology include child mental health, adult mental health, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, substance abuse and health psychology.

Opportunities exist within local and state government for postgraduate psychologists with jobs in correctional facilities, mental health clinics, public hospitals, and social service offices. Related career opportunities include rehabilitation counsellor, social service manager, parole officer, vocational rehabilitation provider and psychosocial specialist.


Research Psychologist

Research psychologists are interested in probing for knowledge in both humans and animals. They design studies, create surveys and questionnaires to carry out their research, and prove or disprove their theories. This is done in conjunction with extensive research, hours of interviews, detailed observations and case studies that can take years. After careful analysis, researchers report their findings to the governing bodies of the psychological community for review.

Career opportunities

Many students graduating with an undergraduate degree will be open to career opportunities in the division of human or social services. Career opportunities may include case management, career counsellor, rehabilitation specialist and psychiatric technician. Some important skills for those working in this area include the ability to assess client needs, keep thorough and accurate records, express care and empathy, and to act as an advocate for your client. Your understanding of the human mind and behaviour make you a good candidate for jobs that require strong communication skills. Research psychologists can find employment in areas including sales, marketing, case management and social services.

Postgraduate study can lead you to careers in academia and research as well as upper and middle-level management and administration, sales, social work, other management occupations, labor-relations, personnel and training, administrative positions real estate, business services and insurance and marketing.


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CSU offers a great environment in which to study and learn all that is required to succeed as a high achieving graduate.

Alice Hazelton

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  • Testimonial | Alice Hazelton

    Alice Hazelton

    CSU offers a great environment in which to study and learn all that is required to succeed as a high achieving graduate.

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