CSU Live Testimonial

Erika McAllisterErika McAllister
Bachelor of Agricultural Science

"Number one was what CSU had to offer for practical experience. I wanted a chance to have hands-on learning experiences and to meet people who had experience in the industry. The facilities looked great and I had heard good things from the CSU students I had met. I also wanted to know if I could afford it, so I did a bit of research into the accommodation options and living expenses and worked out that I could study comfortably.

"The most important lesson I've learnt has been to ask questions, whether it be asking a lecturer for help or asking a course mate if they want to study together. Asking a question is a powerful tool for getting the most out of what you're learning and at the end of the day getting a job. The process of learning has also been an important skill I've developed while studying at CSU. I feel confident admitting I don't know how to do something because I know I can always learn.

"I really wanted to have a chance to network with farmers and professionals working in the agricultural industry. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and I wanted to have a chance to learn from a mentor without the pressure of being paid for what I was doing. The fourth-year industry placement has not only given me more experience but also the confidence to apply for jobs and the contacts to find jobs. The fourth year means you can work on your professional development for a year, learn what you want to learn and network in the industry, all while under the banner of being a CSU student."