CSU Live Testimonial

Millie HartMillie Hart
Bachelor of Agricultural Science

"The four years I have spent at CSU in Wagga Wagga have held some great experiences for me. I chose CSU as it was located in a great area, as well as the fact I wanted to study Agriculture in an area that has some of the most productive land in the state. Wagga Wagga is a great location to study agriculture as the University farm, DPI and research facilities are used as great learning resources, as well as the fact many different agricultural enterprises can be found within several hours of the University itself. This has opened substantial opportunities to increase my knowledge in the more unfamiliar systems.

"Not only is the Agricultural Science program domestically based, but there are also opportunities to study globally, either by going on exchange or attending an agricultural tour. On this tour we spent two-and-a-half weeks travelling the US and learning about their agricultural systems and how they differ to ours.

"The fourth-year program is unique to the University as the lecturers act more as mentors and classes are discussion-based, helping us to improve our skills as professionals in the workforce. From what I have experienced in the program, employers like the structure as graduates come out with experience in the workplace while still wanting to actively learn and improve their skills. Not only has the fourth-year program taught me a lot about my professional self, but it has allowed me to look back and reflect on the wide variety of information I have learnt over the previous three years, as I am continuously drawing on it. Any student with a dream of becoming an agricultural professional should most definitely complete this program."