CSU Live Testimonial

Amy Wynn portrait

Amy Wynn
Veterinary Biology / Veterinary Science student

"I chose to study veterinary science at CSU because the course addresses the current shortage of rural veterinarians. There was also the promise of new facilities and focus on production animals.

"The course is definitely preparing me for transition into the workforce through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions combined with animal handling and clinical extramural studies.

"Work placement through animal husbandry and clinical extramural studies has been invaluable in developing my understanding of the different animal industries and allowing the application of theory. Work placement has also been instrumental in providing valuable contacts within the animal production and veterinary sectors that I can utilise for assistance or advice both now and in the future.

"If you are considering studying veterinary science and would like a course that incorporates a large component of practical work experience and provides a supportive and friendly environment, then CSU should definitely be at the top of your preference list."