CSU Live Testimonial

Alexandra ForbesAlexandra Forbes
Bachelor of Business (Management)

"I do not think that everyone is ready for university straight out of high school. I performed really well in my HSC, but wanted a break from studying so began working. After working for approximately 10 years, I commenced work with a large international retailer in their buying department and I realised that the only way to achieve a management position was to hold a degree. It was then that I realised the importance of having a recognised qualification.

"I wanted a course that was completely relevant to the path I was looking to take, which was a management position. The Bachelor of Business (Management) with the focus on management seemed like the perfect fit for me, and so far has proven correct. I am incorporating things I learn during study in my everyday work and the course has been a great help in understanding things in more depth.

"The course was attractive for me as CSU runs a three-session year, so I am able to complete six subjects within a year and will hopefully finish the degree within 4.5 years, as opposed to other universities that had a minimum of six years studying part-time.

"The advantage of studying online meant that I could fit it in with my lifestyle. I could continue with my current job, and fit study in when I had the time - as long as I was organised and dedicated to it. I had to set aside the time in my mind, and stick to it! Studying online allowed me to continue on with life - I'm 29 years old, have been married for two years and still have 2.5 years of my degree left to go. Studying online means I don't have to put off having a family until my degree is finished, it's flexible enough that I can fit my study into any situation.

"I have complete two work placement subjects within my current workplace as part of my course. It was easy enough to incorporate this into my current job and made me really reflect on the work I do and what I learn from each task I complete. It's a very introspective subject.

"My most memorable CSU experience so far is receiving the Dean's List Award. Being an online student does make you feel very removed at times from the university experience, so it was really nice to receive the award and actually travel to a campus and be recognised for my hard work.

"I can honestly say that I am really enjoying studying again and I am receiving great marks, which has had a really positive impact on my enthusiasm for work and study and my self-confidence. I can 100% guarantee that I would not have enjoyed studying, or performed as well, straight out of school so my advice would be to choose the right time to begin study, and never think that it is too late to start, it is never too late!"