CSU Live Testimonial

Cameron PearceCameron Pearce
Master of Business Administration (Educational Leadership)

"Completing my MBA has fast-tracked my career by about 10 years. I was successful in being promoted from a Head of Sub-School to the position of CEO of a multi-campus independent school in the space of three years, and having my MBA has been a major contributor to this promotion. Obtaining an MBA in the field of education has given me a distinct advantage over other education leaders. It has enabled me to understand what it takes to run a complex multi-divisional organisation so that everything works to improve student outcomes.

"I considered a number of factors when choosing to study at CSU, including subjects, costs, flexibility, accessibility and the fact that I was able to gain credit for previous study. I also needed a course that had a course structure relevant to my field and one that would fit into my hectic life as an executive with a young family. CSU ticked all these boxes .The fact that I could also study online allowed me to be flexible with my time. My children were toddlers while I was studying, so studying at night after they went to bed was a regular pattern. Working in a school, I also had access to extra holiday periods, which enabled me to invest extra time during these periods.

"My most memorable experience at CSU was getting a high score for the accounting unit. For someone who has never studied accounting, it was a big thing to engage in such a subject and succeed.

"If you are considering studying at CSU, go for it, as you won't be disappointed. I have already convinced two of my key team members to sign up and they are now completing an MBA through CSU. That's how much I believe in this course."