CSU Live Testimonial

Cassie MilliganCassie Milligan
Bachelor of Business Studies

"I was attracted to study at CSU in Port Macquarie because of the location and I enjoyed the more chilled atmosphere. I could also move out of home and be more independent but still be able to drive home at weekends. I also liked the fact that more graduates get jobs with CSU.

"I received early entry to CSU and I would definitely recommend this application process to any student wishing to apply. My HSC results were not as good as I had hoped, so being granted early entry ensured I could study business and achieve my goals.

"The best aspect of the course so far is probably the small class sizes, because I can get more one-on-one with my lecturers and really get to know my classmates. I also like the fact that I can study what I want to study - it's not like school where everyone must do English even though you want to study Science - so the course can be tailored to my needs.

"I hope to graduate and become a manager of a large multi-national company or do something in the marketing sector. The course is allowing me to study a lot of areas of business including management and marketing, which will help me understand and gain knowledge in the areas where I want to get a job."