CSU Live Testimonial

Deanne SmithDeanne Smith
Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change

"CSU ticked my first box - I wanted to study change management and the Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change was offered by CSU. The subjects' broad content also played a part and the fact that I could achieve a qualification in a relatively short timeframe was a consideration. When choosing to study at CSU I looked at price, distance education and CSU's reputation as a good distance education university.

"I lived in Sydney while I was studying and fitting study in was a challenge, but I found it not insurmountable. I organised my week and had a plan for when I would read or research and write assignments. I didn't allow myself to think about re-assessing this plan. I made it a priority and it became a habit during sessions. One of the advantages of studying by distance education was the flexibility. It allowed me to control my circumstances so that I felt I could meet all of my commitments and fill my other 'life' roles.

"While studying, I found the webinars helpful in connecting with other students and always ensured I prioritised attending these. I enjoyed the interaction and learning from others. I wouldn't say it was easy to connect with others, but as a mature DE student I didn't feel I needed this interaction at a frequent level. I was also part of a change management network at work so I could connect with like-minded colleagues in this setting.

"I have found that the course has assisted with my plans for career development as I have continued to be extended in my change management role and have been given opportunities that I didn't think I would have been granted, had I not been able to demonstrate some expertise in change management. I also hope that the course and my subsequent experience mean that I will be more competitive in a recruitment setting for a change manager role.

"The support is always there and whether it's through the student support website / portal, phone or with the lecturer, there is no need to feel 'lost' - help is never far away. There are lots of opportunities to access the support. I attended some workshops at Homebush and I've accessed the student support to check on my approach to essay writing, etc. For anyone considering studying at CSU, if you're indecisive about future study, they will coach you through your options."