CSU Live Testimonial

Deanne WriterDeanne Writer
Bachelor of Accounting

"I considered a number of factors when choosing to study a Bachelor of Accounting at CSU. The subjects sounded interesting and relevant and I could receive credit from my TAFE course. The campus was located in my home town of Bathurst and provided me with access to the library, exam centre and lecturers if I needed them. CSU has a great reputation, professional accreditation and was recommended by family and friends. Being able to choose my electives meant that I could factor in my interests as well as past and future career goals.

"Studying online provided me with flexibility so I could study around my commitments. I kept a diary / timetable and was strict on when I allocated time to study, mainly before and after work and on weekends. Studying online means the course is portable so I can study from anywhere. I also had the option to change the amount of units I studied each session and could study over the non-compulsory third session.

"I have always worked in the finance industry and completing this course will give me the formal qualifications and opportunities to work in other areas that I may not have considered previously. There have been some areas of accounting including law and economics that I would never have considered to be enjoyable, but I am now more confident that I can experience many different types of jobs. Accounting is such a broad field, not just number crunching!

"CSU is unique and, as a regional university, understands the challenges faced by students and caters to their learning to ensure everyone has access to the same information. There are lots of opportunities to connect with lecturers and to seek help without having to see someone face-to-face.

"To someone considering studying at CSU I'd say try a subject and see how you go. I spent such a long time wondering if I should and 'what if I fail?' and now I see this as the best decision I have made. It keeps my brain active and supports my need to continuously develop both as a person and in the workforce."