CSU Live Testimonial

Dennis DunDennis Dun
Bachelor of Business Studies

"I am originally from Cowra, a small country town in the Central West. I chose to study at CSU because it had a reputation for offering good business courses and its location was also a factor as it was close to my hometown.

"I have found it really easy to make friends at CSU as there are plenty of people who are doing the same course and I am always meeting new friendly faces. I have also learnt how to communicate with a variety of people and how to study independently. I've learnt to take responsibility for planning / organising my life.

"CSU and my lecturers have a great understanding of a work / life balance as I have been working with ANZ part-time while I have been studying full-time. This course is most definitely preparing me for the workforce. While working in my current part-time job it has been easy to make the connections between my degree and my work.

"To anyone considering studying at CSU, I would say it is an experience you should have, and a memorable one. If you are looking to better yourself and challenge yourself, it is definitely for you!"