CSU Live Testimonial

Donna IrwinDonna Irwin
Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

"When considering my study options, I liked the amount of support and guidance that online students seemed to have access to at CSU. The course overview also fitted into the expectations I had in relation to subject choices, exams and assessment work. I also needed to consider the amount of credit I would get for previous study, as well as having a range of subjects that would interest me and assist in furthering my career.

"Fitting study into my life has been quite difficult with two small children under six as well as working, but I have been lucky to have a very supportive husband who makes sure that I can fit in study time. I find night times after the children are in bed and weekends are my best times for study. It has taken a lot of organisation and commitment and understanding from everyone in my family to fit study in as part of our lives. Studying online has provided me with the ability to study when and where I choose.

"I feel that my course is preparing me to move into a human resource position more easily, as most human resource positions now require tertiary qualifications. My employer has also seen the benefit of my study and is now offering me study leave, which will help, especially at exam time.

"My most memorable experience so far has definitely been receiving my Dean's Award. This was totally unexpected and I felt such an achievement as I hadn't studied for a long time and never at university level. It had been over 25 years since I had left school or sat an exam so this was a lovely surprise.

"To someone considering studying at CSU I would say start now, do not put it off. Until you start you will never know how achievable study really is. CSU is unique in the way it caters for online students by making you feel like part of the University no matter where you are located. CSU seems to understand the issues that online students experience and have support mechanisms in place to cater for this. Whilst CSU is a large community, you never get the feeling that you are just a number."