CSU Live Testimonial

Ellise JohnsonEllise Johnson
Bachelor of Accounting

"I looked at a number of factors when considering study at CSU – I wanted to be close to my home town of Cowra and I wanted a course that offered summer sessions. I received a relocation scholarship and a three year scholarship from Centrelink which helped me with text books and the costs of living away from home.

"Studying full-time didn’t leave much spare time for a social life, however I did take advantage of the session breaks to catch up with friends and family and to go on holidays. At the start I found it hard to make friends, but once I was doing the same classes over and over I started to make friends as we were all in it together. I learnt how to write in an articulated manner and learnt to believe in myself. I also learnt that it was okay to ask for help and not to struggle on my own.

"I had a work placement for 100 hours with local accounting firm Morse Group. This was the tipping point for my degree. Up until that time, I was really still unsure if I wanted to continue with my study and wondered if accounting was really for me. Completing this work placement helped me decide this was what I wanted to do and I continued on to complete my degree.

"My most memorable experience would be the friends I have made. I have a few really close friends I still keep in regular contact with and other friends I keep in contact with on Facebook. I still remember the late night study sessions, spending our weekends in the library and the early mornings but I would not have changed it for the world as I had my friends by my side and we supported each other right through to the end.

"I was lucky enough to graduate the same year as my sister and we were both the first to graduate from our family. I began my degree before my sister so I was able to teach her the ropes of studying at a University level. My sister is nine years older than me and she had never had to use APA referencing before or search scholar lever articles. It was pretty special to be able to graduate at the same time. Even though we did different degrees we supported each other right until the end. Our family were so proud that we accomplished our goal of completing a University degree. I think we showed our family members that you can achieve anything with a little hard work and a lot of determination.

"I would say to anyone considering studying at CSU that you must give it 100% but if you believe in yourself and work hard you can achieve anything and studying at CSU will help you accomplish your goals."