CSU Live Testimonial

Geoff DrummondGeoff Drummond
Master of Human Resource Management

"I wanted a course that would improve my knowledge in HR but my predominant consideration was to gain a postgraduate qualification to help with my career progression and aspirations. CSU had a good reputation as a university, and for the Master of Human Resource Management.

"I lived in Orange, NSW while I was studying and being able to study online allowed me to fit my study requirements around my full-time work and family commitments. I was able to study to my own schedule and had access to professional and knowledgeable tutors when needed. I was also able to develop a network with other students who were studying the same course. I took two subjects every session over a two-year period to finish the Masters in two years. I planned my study schedule and stayed back for a couple of hours after work two or three days a week to study before going home. I also spent on average a full day of a weekend studying to fit it all in.

"During my study I was working as a Human Resource Manager responsible for managing the people aspect of a regional manufacturing plant that employed 600 people, and the gradual closure of the factory over a three-year period with manufacturing being relocated offshore. Managing the transition plans for the employees during this transition and closure period was a challenge. The learning and experience from this course greatly assisted me with meeting this challenge. Completing the course made me feel more confident and increased my knowledge base. This qualification will certainly assist me with a promotion or to move into another field more easily in the future. 

"My most memorable CSU experience was the two Law subjects, LAW515 Law of Employment and LAW516 Dispute Resolution: Methods and Results. These were practical subjects and I got a lot of out them. MGT540 Management of Change was another subject that also gave me some very valuable insights and other ways of thinking about managing change, which for me was very relevant at the time.

CSU, as a regional university, has a good reputation and a great mix of students from across the globe and across a mix of industries. It was great to share experiences with a wide range of students undertaking the same subjects.

"To anyone considering studying at CSU, the course content was very good and covered what I needed to expand my knowledge. The tutors were experienced and helpful and the subjects had a good mix of practicality and theory. I would recommend CSU to any human resource professionals looking to gain a postgraduate qualification, or to any student looking to change careers into human resources."