CSU Live Testimonial

Hong Hai DaoHong Hai Dao
Master of Professional Accounting

"There were three factors I considered when I started looking at a university - the quality of the course, the tuition fee and the location of the campus. CSU satisfied all my needs because it was famous for Accounting, which was what I wanted to study. The fee was reasonable, especially for an international student, and the CSU Study Centre Sydney was in the middle of Sydney, where I found it very easy to travel by train or bus.

"I wanted to study economics to understand the modern world in a better way, and I preferred a major with specific skills. Accounting was a good choice for me. I was surprised that CSU provided a course with not only what I wanted, but also other useful subjects that I was interested in.

"Study in the beginning was horrible as it was strange to me, and the subjects required lots of work. However, I soon adjusted and spent time studying each day instead of leaving everything until the deadline for assignments. I gained a better understanding of my time and study didn't take up my whole time.

"My course was very comprehensive and illustrated to me the big picture of the economy rather than just focusing on my major. Even though I studied accounting, I feel as though I could work in a different field and quickly learn about it.

"My most memorable experience studying with CSU was my lecturers. They were supportive and I could discuss any topic with them easily in class or by email. They didn't just provide the concepts, they also shared their experiences to help me understand how to apply my knowledge in real life. Above all, they always reminded me about what I had to do and gave me some tips to help me achieve the highest mark possible.

"To anyone who is considering studying at CSU, don't hesitate, because this is the right place for you. I have experienced great moments in my life at CSU and I know you will too."