CSU Live Testimonial

Jerry YanuyanutawaJerry Yanuyanutawa
Master of Business Administration

"The motivation behind me making the decision to enrol in this course was a dozen coffees with a careers adviser in Sydney. He gave me the idea as I wanted to get into educational curriculum planning to complement my first degree, which was in education. I was always interested and fascinated with educational management.

"I am a professional rugby union player for the Glasgow Warriors in Scotland and compete in the Pro 12 and Champions Cup competitions with other pro rugby teams in Europe. I have also played super rugby with the ACT Brumbies in Canberra, London Irish in the English premiership and have represented Fiji internationally.

"I had many goals I wanted to achieve and pro rugby was one of them, but my number one goal was always to go to university and attain a degree or learn a trade, as I saw this as a more sustainable way to earn a decent living.

"I've lived in London and now Glasgow while I have been studying. I have taken my books to every country that I have gone to with games or holidays. Before last year's Pro 12 final in Ireland, I was trying to finish a 3,000-word essay on the night before the grand final, which was good in the sense that it took the pressure off the final. It allowed me to focus on something else and not play the game early in my head. This has been a routine for me in many games where I have used study as a way to divert my focus, which has helped me immensely. It has been difficult at times, but time management and discipline has been the key to managing my study load. I've been able to study in my own time and do everything from the comforts of home.

"The course has challenged my thinking and is definitely a step up from an undergraduate program. It has allowed me to think critically about situations and processes within different settings. The workplace-focused assessments have been very practical and allowed me to apply knowledge to a relevant setting, which has been very good. It has also allowed me to look at my field of study in a critical way in terms of solving problems that I have encountered. My most memorable CSU experience so far has been just how helpful and understanding the lecturers have been, which has been a real blessing and a big help for me in coping with the course.

"I hope to continue playing rugby in Europe for a few more years as well as finish my MBA. I will then be able to enter the workforce where I can use my qualifications to get into the job that I want,  especially in curriculum planning.

"I believe that post sport, this qualification will be very handy as it will give me the necessary skills to work in the Department of Education or any other sector that my skillset will be compatible with. I also believe it is very important to continually study because while being an elite athlete can be lucrative and enjoyable, it doesn't last forever."