CSU Live Testimonial

Jessica GintyJessica Ginty
Master of Marketing

"CSU was recommended to me by a friend for postgraduate online education.  My brother had also studied at CSU so I knew of its highly regarded reputation.  I decided to study marketing as I was working in a marketing role and wanted to establish formal educational qualifications to further my career.  CSU also has a unique connection to the land and the environment.

"I lived in Rozelle in Sydney while I was studying.  I would study each night after work and then block out entire weekends (sometimes three consecutively) to ensure I had plenty of time to complete assessments.  I sometimes had a 4- 6 week gap between due dates for assessments which meant I had some weekends free to relax, catch up socially and seek balance.  However, it was important that I commit adequate time to study to ensure the quality of my work.  Studying online meant I was in control of the 'how and when' in regards to study, however, self-motivation was a large part of the process.  Luckily I was passionate about my degree.  It meant a lot to me so I often put it as the first priority.

"The course was incredibly useful and applicable and allowed me to further understand the fundamental practices and considerations of business and marketing.  Most importantly, it taught me how to take in new information, then express and consider it in a strategic and intelligent way.  This level of strategic thinking and writing has been the best muscle to work and now I feel much more confident in my ability to communicate and learn (quickly!)

"I would highly recommend CSU for postgraduate online education."