CSU Live Testimonial

John DackerJohn Dacker
Bachelor of Business (Finance)

"The main advantage for me in choosing to study online was the ability to work full-time and fit study in at a time that was convenient to me. I also looked for a course that was applicable to my desired career path with the option to study part-time and online. I live in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney and I study on the bus to and from work as well as during my lunchbreak. This limits the amount of study I have to do at home. I have found it important to plan ahead and set aside specific times during the week to work on assignments and study. If I don't do this, then I feel like I should be studying whenever I have free time.

"I have completed a work placement during my course with my existing employer. I took on roles outside of my normal job description and I found the work placement to be highly beneficial to both me and my employer. I definitely feel that this course is equipping me with a higher level of knowledge relevant to my field of employment and it is helping me to be more successful in my current role. I'm also hoping it will open up additional opportunities for me in the future.

"My most memorable CSU experience so far is attending a ceremony to receive a Dean's Award. This was the first time I had been on a CSU campus and I had the opportunity the meet some staff in person. It was highly rewarding to be recognised for my achievements and to see some of my peers enjoy the same experience.

"The design of this course, the online learning environment and the clear subject outlines have made it really easy for me to understand what is required and to be able to plan my time effectively. I believe this is critical when studying online. CSU offers many opportunities to get involved in experiences beyond the standard course and to be able to connect with other students."