CSU Live Testimonial

Melissa GregoryMelissa Gregory
Bachelor of Business Studies

"Whilst doing my HSC and thinking about my future, I knew I didn't want to move away from home, nor did I really know what I wanted to do for a career. My Careers Adviser, who was also my business studies teacher, recommended I look at a Bachelor of Business Studies at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie.

"I applied to CSU via early entry as it provided me with an alternative entry pathway. I would highly recommend the early entry pathway as after the HSC was finished I received a letter saying that I had been accepted into the course. This gave me peace of mind; while everyone else was freaking out, I was able to carry on with my day knowing that my university place was secured.

"The best aspect so far is the freedom to select whatever subjects I want. I have no core subjects - as long as two-thirds of my degree is business-related, I can pick whatever subjects I like. I am also on the Student Representative Council as well as the Student Senate Council, and I am involved in organising various University events and I'm also learning how the University works and what I can do to help other students.

"When I graduate I hope to either go into human resource management, general management or the banking world. I originally thought human resources or general management but now that I am in my second year of study and have undertaken a few work placement subjects, I'm interested in banking, following a business placement at NAB.

"To anyone considering studying at CSU - do it! CSU is a great university and I have been able to make lots of great connections with students and staff. I've also had the opportunity to visit the Wagga Wagga Campus, which showed me how a bigger campus functioned and what they have to offer."