CSU Live Testimonial

Nathan PearceNathan Pearce
Bachelor of Accounting

"I have always loved sport, participating in some elite swimming initially and then rugby. I then took up officiating after some serious injuries and just loved the challenge. I recognised that sport only provided a short window of income earning, which motivated me to enrol in accounting at CSU. I was keen to take advantage of the opportunity to put myself in a better place professionally when rugby stopped paying the bills. My sport also provided plenty of downtime during out-of-season and while I was travelling.

"I was very blessed with a mentor who helped me balance the competing priorities of life, rather than just the technical rugby matters. I was encouraged to continually improve myself, both in sport and life.

"Completing a degree at CSU has benefited me as I have been able to step out of professional rugby into a rewarding career with no interruption. I fitted study into my life with some serious time management as well. My advice to other professional athletes who are considering further study is that the extra effort to fit it in during your sporting pursuits can actually provide some grounding during the highs and lows of sporting life. Being able to establish routines, despite widely varying circumstances, enabled me to keep a level head.

"I now work in a public accounting firm in Bathurst where I am a senior manager. I also lecture in the course I graduated from, part-time, which is really rewarding. I feel as though the effort I put in to complete my degree (and then a Chartered Accountants course), while at times was demanding, has proven to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done."