CSU Live Testimonial

Nathan SigmundNathan Sigmund
Bachelor of Accounting

"I wanted to study Accounting at CSU because of the convenience of not having to move away from home or change jobs. I've lived in Albury all my life and I attended Albury High School for the entirety of my secondary education.

"I gained admission to CSU via early entry. I highly recommend this option as being accepted for early entry took a lot of stress off my HSC exams. It was great knowing that I had already been accepted into university and I didn't have to compete with other high school students.

"The courses at CSU are facilitated to best prepare students for entering the workforce. All of the staff are very supportive and aim to bring out the best in every student. There are opportunities to succeed academically and to gain knowledgeable insights from the professors. All of my lecturers have been really helpful and I enjoy university more than I enjoyed school.

"The best part of my course has been the flexibility. There are heaps of electives and enrolment patterns to choose from, which is just another way in which CSU accommodates its students. CSU is helping me get to where I want to go through its diversity in classes. I can choose classes most relevant to taxation and accounting, which will prepare me for my future career. I hope to work as an accountant specialising in taxation when I graduate.

"If you're not sure about studying at CSU, ask! Every member of staff is willing to assist you in making the right choice. They can guide you in the direction of where you want to go."