CSU Live Testimonial

Nick HainesNick Haines
Master of Business Administration

"Doing my MBA has fast-tracked my career by many years. I was aspiring to secure a position as a school principal, and I was able to do so at the age of 33, which is significantly younger than the starting age of most principals. Being a young leader in education, I wanted an MBA to give me an intellectual and strategic edge over older, more experienced staff in order to progress my career. I feel that having an MBA to my name gives me a clear advantage over other people when looking at career progression.

"I considered a number of factors when choosing to study at CSU, including online study, quality and breadth of subjects and the flexibility. I live in Mornington, Victoria, work full-time and have young kids. As I work full-time, I would not have had the opportunity to study unless it was online. I study at night once I have put the kids to bed and occasionally study on the weekends. I like the flexibility of it, and I like the ability to work ahead of the schedule if you know that you have busy periods in your home or work life.

"I like that you seem to get to know the people at CSU better than other universities, even if it is via email or phone! I have found the staff to be incredibly supportive, friendly and understanding of the demands of studying part-time whilst working full-time. I think the online learning portal is easy to navigate and really helpful as an online student. I would highly recommend CSU."