CSU Live Testimonial

Nicolas CoetseeNicolas Coetsee

Bachelor of Business Studies
Graduate Certificate in Management (Professional Practice)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Management

"Studying through the Australian Graduate Management Consortium (AGMC) has afforded me a much better understanding of the context in which I now work, allowing me to anticipate and better deal with issues in my organisation. I've enjoyed learning practical skills through TAFE as well as the theory at university level. It has also given me an insight into what issues my external partners might face, making me a better negotiator. The workplace-focused assessments have promoted my interest in parts of the business that I otherwise would have overlooked. I’ve targeted new markets, been able to more effectively focus marketing activities and implement project management techniques in a buying context off the back of assessments that have been completely relevant to my work. I’ve also been able to analyse and interpret data and information in different ways. My greatest career highlight has been getting my study and hard work recognised in the form of a promotion within my organisation.

"Studying towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) was always an ambition and following the AGMC pathway not only allowed me to enter the MBA through CSU, it affording me the flexibility to work as well. Completing the MBA online was a great experience. Online study is great in the way that it allows for so much flexibility - I can work, volunteer and maintain a social life while I study. 

"Studying through the AGMC and CSU has presented a number of opportunities. I’ve gained qualifications, established a great network and discovered an interest in fields that I had not considered previously for a career. It has also highlighted a number of strengths and development opportunities for me. The AGMC is a great mix of practicality and theory. The rapid pathway though the AGMC acknowledges the experience and knowledge already gained in the workforce. All the facilitators and staff I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and dealing with have been knowledgeable, professional, informative, friendly, entertaining and above all supportive and helpful.

"I’m aiming to continue my studies with an aim to achieve a doctoral degree. Career-wise, I’ll look to take my experience, as well as the knowledge and skills I’ve gained through both the AGMC and CSU, into a role as a management consultant or investment analyst within the next few years.

"The first advice I give to others who are considering further study is to stop thinking about it and enrol straight away! Studying is challenging and can be tough at times, but accomplishing academic achievements is one of the most rewarding experiences I think you can have. I always like to say that further study opens so many doors, some of which lead to places you’ve never thought of going."