CSU Live Testimonial

Paige CuyPaige Cuy
Bachelor of Business Studies

"When I was in Year 12 at Broken Hill High School, CSU visited our school and did a presentation about studying at CSU. CSU is known for its sporting culture, which attracted me towards studying and a few people from my home town highly recommended CSU as it was the 'best days of their lives'.

"I was accepted into CSU through early entry. I would encourage Year 12 students to apply for early entry at CSU as it gives you another pathway to get into University.

"The Bachelor of Business Studies provides a whole range of electives that cover all aspects of business. It allows me to do a variety of different subjects that will help me if I want to own my own business or work in a corporate business. My dream job would be in management in a mining company or working in a sporting organisation. This course is helping me achieve this goal by giving me experience and knowledge of what I need to know when I go out into the 'real world'.

"The best thing about university is the new friendships I have made, which will be for a lifetime. I couldn't imagine my life without some of the people I have met at university. CSU is also a very sport-related university, which I also love.

"If you are considering studying at CSU, I say go for it. Do what you love while experiencing new and exciting things. If you are ready to experience a completely different way of life I recommend going to CSU. The staff will help guide you through university and into the next chapter of your life."