CSU Live Testimonial

Phillip CampionPhillip Campion
Master of Business Administration

"Completing an MBA has assisted me to move into a different career area that I had not been involved in previously. When considering which course to select, I wanted a course with a wide selection of subjects that would broaden my knowledge base in business.

"I selected CSU for its many locations as well as my close proximity to Bathurst. Having the ability to access the library was also a factor when choosing to study but having the flexibility to learn online while working away proved to be the biggest advantage. In order to fit study into my life I would block out set weeknights and use half a day on Saturday as study time. Having the ability to access the forums and chat with other students, as well as receive quick feedback, made it easy to connect with other students studying the same course online.

"My most memorable experience at CSU was how busy the 24/7 library was with students using the facilities at all hours.

"For someone considering studying at CSU, I would describe CSU as a very good learning organisation with the right environment and support for students to achieve their educational goals."