CSU Live Testimonial

Rebecca MurrayRebecca Murray
Bachelor of Business (Management)

"I am originally from Warren, which is a small country town in the Central West of NSW, so I needed to consider a number of factors when selecting to study. The fact that I was from a country town meant that by selecting to study at CSU, I didn't have to move to the city straight away. CSU allowed me to study in a familiar environment. CSU was also highly recommended to me by the careers advisers at my school as having a good reputation within the business field. An additional determining factor in choosing to study at CSU was the fact that CSU had small class sizes, which would provide more interaction with the lecturers.

"I found the social life at CSU to be fantastic! Orientation Week gave me the opportunity to meet and mingle with a range of different people that I wouldn't normally talk to. There have also been plenty of University events on throughout the year.

"In my first year, I completed a 35-hour work placement, which allowed me to gain an insight into the finance field. In my second year, I completed a 70-hour placement. I also completed a 120-hour internship with a local credit union, which allowed me to gain the workplace skills that will be required when I graduate. I have also learnt relevant skills in the finance industry that will help me to gain a job in this field (something that I am very passionate about). I have also further developed my teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. Finally, my internship has enabled me to further develop my interview skills, something that will be very useful when applying for a graduate position in the future.

"The course has offered a mix of practical and theoretical subjects that have absolutely helped me to develop the skills that I will need in the workplace.

"I would highly recommend CSU. It has given me the opportunity to study the course I love, meet new friends and study in an environment that I feel comfortable in. The social life is pretty good too!"