CSU Live Testimonial

Stephanie TaylorStephanie Taylor

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

"When choosing to study at CSU, the decision was easy. I was able to study at a highly reputable institution, particularly in the areas of business and communication, while staying in my home town of Bathurst. In addition, CSU offered flexibility to study full-time, part-time, on and off campus (using the e-learning platform) and the ability to fast-track the course over a three-session timetable.

"The subjects undertaken throughout my course were second to none, not only in terms of relevance in the marketing industry as a whole, but the information provided was also up-to-date with industry trends. As a whole, the course showed me many forms of marketing strategy used around the world and made me aware of the amount of strategy and tactical thinking that is involved in the development of marketing plans and campaigns. In addition, the support, encouragement and subject delivery at CSU exceeded my expectations. As a result, I felt fairly comfortable applying for positions knowing that I had received a high standard of education that could be adapted to the workplace.

"Throughout my course, I had the opportunity to undertake work placements, which included the Bathurst Regional Council, John Brady Building and Chris Stott Consulting. Each placement offered unique tasks to be undertaken and included events planning and promotions, market research and strategic marketing. What each of these placements had in common was the ability to link the theory learnt throughout my studies to workplace practice. While studying I sometimes thought "When will I ever use this?" however, it was quite surprising when you realise how much you do draw upon. The knowledge wasn't forgotten, it was just waiting to be applied practically.

"Being able to meet and interact with so many people from different backgrounds and of all ages who each had something unique to offer was my most memorable CSU experience. Whether it be in an academic setting (lectures and tutorials), undertaking group work for a major assignment, or attending social events (both on and off campus) there was always an opportunity to meet new people and develop lasting relationships.

"While study was important, everyone needed a break away from the books. While doing my degree, the social life was really good fun. It was so easy to make friends, regardless of whether you lived on campus or not, and there were plenty of opportunities to get involved in group and other social activities, ranging from crazy uni bar nights to tiring sports days.

"CSU has taught me a range of career, personal development and life skills. Perseverance - if you want something, go for it. It might not be easy and there may be many challenges along the way, but don't let these things hinder your ability to achieve your goals. If you put in the effort, you won't regret it."