CSU Live Testimonial

Steve NichollsSteve Nicholls
Bachelor of Accounting

"When choosing to study at CSU, the strength of online education was a key factor for me. CSU appeared to be well set-up for students who were trying to fit study in with other life commitments, such as family and full-time employment. When selecting the course, I also looked for suitability towards my career aspirations, the flexibility within which the course could be studied and the recognition the course had within the industry.

"I live in Sydney and fitting study into my life is all about planning. I usually find time in the evening once the kids are settled and also on weekends. Once I was into a routine the schedule became second nature and I soon realised how many hours I wasted before. The advantage of studying online is the flexibility that it can provide. Whilst I can somewhat work at my own pace, I have all the tools at my fingertips in order to keep on track and to seek advice when required.

"There are also many opportunities to engage with other students who are studying the same course. It is very comforting to know that there are other people out there who are in the same position, encountering the same challenges but who are also very willing to help when I have questions.

"I completed a work placement component as part of my course, which accounted for 100 hours of experience. Whilst I found the placement very challenging in terms of the commitment of hours, I felt that once completed, it was one of the most rewarding parts of the study experience. The placement allowed me to put the many hours of study finally into practice. This was great for me as I did not have any previous experience with the area of my study. The course is definitely putting me into a position to change careers. I feel the course has given me a great foundation on which to launch a new career. I am confident that on the back of this course, the doors will open when the time is right to move into the accounting industry.

"My most memorable experience so far is receiving a Dean's Award for academic achievement. It felt good to be recognised for my hard work and effort put in so far. 

"I would strongly recommend CSU. It is amazing the support you receive from everyone involved including the lecturers, peers and the support staff."