CSU Live Testimonial

Susan BruceSusan Bruce
Master of Human Resource Management

"When selecting my course, I needed flexibility to study and learn at a time that fitted with my family schedule while continuing to work. I also wanted to further my Human Resources (HR) knowledge base and obtain my Masters in HR. I live in Ontario in Canada and I am a teacher at a local college in Canada (Sheridan College), which is in the process of becoming a university.

"Once I complete my Masters from CSU, I will be able to teach more than just first-year courses at Sheridan College and after I complete my PhD, I will be able to apply for a full-time teaching position.

"During my course I was dreading taking LAW515 Employment Law because I knew that Australian law was quite different to Canadian law and I felt it may be one of those mandatory but 'waste of time' courses. Professor Ana Torres Ahumada, who taught this subject, was very knowledgeable and taught me how to approach a legal issue not just under Australian law, but also under any law through the Issues, Law, Application and Conclusion model. Taking this subject ended up being my most memorable CSU experience so far and went from a subject I was dreading into a true learning experience, from which I've gained significant benefit.

"Connecting with other students via distance education through forums in each class at CSU has made it easy to connect with my fellow classmates. Initially we all shared stories about where we were in our studies and what we hoped to achieve. Then, as the class progressed, we fielded questions to each other in the forum with support from the lecturers as well. It's not really that different from being in a physical classroom. I would recommend reading all of the forum posts, and contributing as well, to get the most out of your course.

"CSU distance education is second to none. The online resources are plentiful. I've had live chats with the librarian regarding readings I was having difficulty accessing from Canada. While I couldn't physically check out a book, due to the distance, they had many options for me, including providing the service of photocopying the desired section from the text and mailing it to me! I was quite happy with the responsiveness of the library. I have found the lecturers very knowledgeable and engaging, which is not easy to do in distance education, but CSU seems to have a good grasp of distance education. My study materials always arrive long before the class starts and the online modules and course outline provide all the materials and 'references to materials' I need.

"I would say to anyone considering studying at CSU to not be afraid of the 'distance' part of distance education. With technology today, your lecturer, classmates, librarian and other resources are just an email or live chat away. Despite time differences, there always seems to be another classmate online when I log in to study. If you are motivated and desire to learn at times that are convenient to you, CSU is an excellent choice!"