CSU Live Testimonial

Susan Rochester

Tanya Hardwick
Bachelor of Business (Management)

"My older sister had studied at CSU and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. Growing up hearing about all her great stories and experiences at CSU, I wanted the same for my future studies. I also chose CSU because it meant I was able to stay at home and didn’t have to travel away to attend university. Finally, I chose CSU because I felt a connection with the ‘brand’ – CSU felt like a fun place to learn and grow.

"For the practical element of my course I chose to do work placement at my usual place of work, which is at The Coffee Club in Wagga Wagga. I was able to take on a more managerial role within my placement and learn all the aspects that go on behind the scenes to ensure all employees’ jobs are able to be accomplished. I had to deal with problems such as unavailable stock and customer problems. I was able to tackle these problems head-on with confidence from my theoretical knowledge I had learnt in class.

"The issues and topics we are learning in class are relevant to the industry today. The importance placed on career management has been highlighted in a few of my recent subjects and this is one very valuable tool regarding the workforce."