CSU Live Testimonial

Tegan VahaTegan Vaha
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

"The main consideration for me when selecting a course was to make sure I was doing something I was passionate about, and for me, this was business. Coming from the small rural town of Bilpin in the Blue Mountains, I had no interest in travelling to the city to go to university, however I did want to move out of home and have the full university life experience. I had only ever heard good things from friends who had chosen to study at CSU. They were always saying that not only was the university life the best experience they have had, but that everyone you come across is so welcoming and supportive, whether it be other students or your lecturers.

"Studying and living on campus can become stressful, trying to balance the great social life that comes along with living there, with study, keeping in touch with family and friends back home, and work. However, to make things easier I dedicated the Christmas break to working in order to save up for the following year. Of course study was and always is the main priority, as I am at university to get a degree after all, so I always ensure I am organised in knowing when assessment tasks are due.

"There are three compulsory work placement subjects in this course, which I personally think is great because you come out with guaranteed experience in your field of study. My first placement, which was 35 hours, was completed at the local pharmacy. I was given the opportunity to apply my marketing knowledge and help the pharmacy develop a Facebook page. My second, 70-hour placement was with the Division of Marketing and Communication at CSU. I was already employed as a Student Ambassador with CSU so this opportunity was perfect, allowing me to further develop my knowledge and skills. I am endeavouring to complete my final placement, the 120-hour internship, with a large reputable company such as Coca-Cola. With the exceptional support of the work placement staff, I know that this can be achieved.

"My most memorable experience so far is definitely the entire experience of living on campus. The number of friendships I have formed already are invaluable and the memories I have gained are unforgettable. I believe regional universities are unique as they present themselves as a community, not just a university.

"If someone were to ask me if they should go to CSU, I would say just do it. I could not recommend it more highly. The academic resources, the opportunities on offer, the support and the uni life as a whole exceeded my expectations and only continue to do so."