CSU Live Testimonial

Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts

Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television)

“I knew I wanted to go into television/film production and Charles Sturt University (CSU) was always my first choice as it looked to be mostly hands-on learning.

"I have been studying for just over two years full-time, and in that time I have gained a rich knowledge of both theory and the practical side of producing television. The course has also provided me with the opportunity to explore the different areas of television work and storytelling – studio productions, location shoots and outside broadcasts – which has allowed me to choose which direction I would like to go in once I graduate.

"So far, the course is very practically based in order to prepare me for the workforce. The course offers studio, location and outside broadcast production work, as well as electives in other elements of the industry, such as acting, audio, design and photography. In fact, one of my most memorable experiences so far was an orchestral recording we did for the sound elective Music Technology. My class turned the television studio into a sound recording room and a local school orchestra came in for the afternoon and played some songs they had been rehearsing. This was one of the most fun and interactive ways to learn how music is produced from start to finish.

"I chose CSU based on the University’s reputation. CSU is one of the most well-known and respected universities in NSW. For me, Wagga Wagga is only a few hour’s drive from home and the campus is a great place to live. The overall environment and the wide array of resources available to students makes CSU the ideal place to study."